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             Marketing Solutions for Success


What can effective "marketing solutions" do for you . . . ?

. . . generate greater awareness so you can meet your business objectives!

By fine tuning your marketing strategy, talent and tactics, marketing becomes a fully effective business driver! 

When you take the expertise of Karen Ferraro's extensive background and pair it up with development of your marketing professionals, organizational goals and business objectives, you get the "best practice" marketing approach that will move your business forward while improving your ability to measure and increase your marketing ROI.

Karen adjusted

Karen has inspired businesses with her grass roots marketing, leadership and mentoring skills for over twenty-five years.  She has a unique ability to create accountability between marketing and sales activities, and linking the two for maximum results in sales force management.  As principal consultant, her ability in assessing marketing, facilitating sales and business development strategies and bringing organizations to higher levels of service delivery has made Karen an asset to her clients, partners and the companies she engages.  She brings strategic and tactical marketing, marketing communications, corporate marketing, product marketing, organizational development and client relationship management to its greatest potential.   

Bridging the gap between marketing strategy and sales results!